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Moving to a new blog

This will be my last post for this blog… Hope you enjoy my previous articles.

Meanwhile, I am consolidating all my other blogs into one which unifies my personal mission to bring a clear pathway toward a meaningful IT career.

Henceforth, all my blog posts will be published at ITJUMPSTART.WORDPRESS.COM.


What is open source?

Open source is a project, not a product or service.

What not to expect with open source

1. Don’t expect features. If you want a feature, do it yourself

2. Don’t expect empathy. Open source is war of reason

3. Don’t expect newbies. If you are a newbie, do your assignment (know the basics)

4. Don’t expect idealism. Open source is about pragmatism

5. Don’t expect contributors. Birds of the same feather flock together

6. Don’t expect high quality for all projects. Open source is scratching one’s itch

7. Don’t expect homogeneity. It’s not fragmentation, it’s diversity

8. Don’t expect technical support. Use at your own risk

9. Don’t expect kind words. Open source is not for the faint of heart

10. Don’t expect corporate agenda. Open source is not about products or services

11. Don’t expect democracy especially if the project is under the auspices of a company or foundation

12. Don’t expect consensus. If you don’t like it, fork it

13. Don’t expect tribes. In any ecosystem, there are parasites.

Move data, not logic

Sharing memory at the thread level is like two laptops sharing file using a NAS. With Go channel, it is like sharing a file using USB drive. Don’t sweat the locking stuff. Memory is cheap and so are goroutines. You can create and dispose of thousands of goroutines (like USB flash) and carry them around where computing is. Move data to computing, not computing to data.

Except for Joyent Manta that is.

Big History

Courtesy:  (onedayuniverse.org)


Education and Business

Education is about solution looking for a problem.
Business is about problem looking for a solution.

If it can be digitized, it will be digitized.

Follow your Bliss

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Never chase the hot thing whatever it is — it’s like trying to catch a wave. Pick something you’re passionate about and evangelize it.  I’d take a missionary over a mercenary every day.