Put up or shut up

Hello World

Welcome to Open Source Philippines!

This is Gani Mendoza from Baguio City, and I am the owner of this blog designed to promote open source software in the Philippines.


  • By contributing ideas
  • Doing it in action
  • Promote a culture of openness

In all undertaking, I recommend you follow these guidelines from Made To Stick book:

  • Simple — find the core of any idea
  • Unexpected — grab people’s attention by surprising them
  • Concrete — make sure an idea can be grasped and remembered later
  • Credible — give an idea believability
  • Emotional — help people see the importance of an idea
  • Stories — empower people to use an idea through narrative

We’ll make it short, simple, visual but concise. We value clarity and action.

After all, ideas are nothing without execution (Derek Sivers).


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